Freight, Return & Warranty

We use DHL to send shipments and the cost is calculated by order weight.

Additional cost of 39SEK will be added when paying through Invoice by Payer.

products in stock will ship wothing 1-2 days depending on the type of payment.


We leave warranty on all products sold at no matter if its new or bought as used
(New products have 1 year warranty and used parts have 1 month function warranty.)

Some products (wear) only has 3month warranty.

Dataporten does not leave warranty on damages caused by the customer.


If you feel like returning a product, send a mail to with the following info.
1. Invoice or ordernumber
2. Cause of return
3. Detailed description of the problem (if damaged product)
4. Name, address & telphone

Please call if you havn´t recieved a response from us within 24hours (monday-friday), otherwise we can´t know that the mail never went through.

If you want to return a product, shipping cost or other additional costs is paied by the customer.
Only sealed/unopened products is accepted as returns.
Dataporten will keep the right to deny a return if the demands is not fulfilled.

The value of your product (broken seal/opened box) is calculated the day we recieve the product and atleast 15% of the value will be cut.

1 Month = 15%
2 Month = 20%
3-6 Month = 30%
More than 6 Month = aleast 50%